Consistency is key for January

You’ve made it through the first week of January.

I don’t know about you but I’m not quite ready to participate in 2022 just yet.

And right on cue the weather has turned and it’s really cold!

So, if you had decided you were off to start smashing all the goals in January you might be thinking it’s already beating you.

It’s not! However, if you have set goals for 2022 remember you have set them to be achieved across the whole year not all in January.

Go easy on yourself and be realistic about what you can achieve with dark mornings, dark nights and rubbish weather-no one’s doing much schooling on frozen arenas!

The most important thing for any goal is consistency. It’s not about that 2 week cramming of all the things that achieves it (we aren’t studying for your A Levels now……) it’s the consistent habits that add up bit by bit keeping you improving little by little.

What matters is that you’re still working towards or maintaining a habit in 3,6 or 12 months time.

So make consistency your plan, then have a plan for what you can do consistently no matter what the weather that will keep you on track even in a small way so that it’s not an all or nothing approach.

Over in the OnForm Equestrian monthly Challenges we have daily habits that can be done with your horse in the stable so you’re keeping him supple whether you’re riding or not.

Your off horse exercise can be done inside whatever the weather and will really help to keep you fit and ready for action as we move towards spring. But again you don’t need hours and hours a day. In my online programme we do 20-30 minutes twice per week and a quick 5-10 minutes HIIT once per week. It’s manageable around a job, horse, family etc yet still effective enough to improve your fitness and your stability and mobility for riding.

So for January make Consistency and Habits your goal, that way you’ll still be on track for Spring.

Nicola x

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