Connecting to your muscles

Do you ever try to do something with your body when you’re riding and you just can’t seem to connect your brain to your body part?

Sometimes you can send the message from your brain and it just doesn’t make the muscle move.

I’ve mentioned before that exercise; whether that is Yoga, Pilates or Weightlifting can help with your ability to activate muscles specifically.

However I’ve got another little tip for you that you can try to help you switch on those tricky bits of your body.


You can practice this off horse first to get the hang of it.

Start with the easy bit so consciously sending breath to your rib cage. Then try sending it to just one side of your rib cage.

Continue doing this around your body.

Send breath to your left waist, to your right hip…….your right leg, left ankle. Wherever you want.

Try it out, play around with using deep slow breaths, short fast breaths and see what works for you.

Then try it when you ride.

Want to tune into your left elbow? Send breath to it! Try it wherever you need it and see what happens.

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