Competition Planning

The competition season has finally started, at least in part anyway. 

Athletes in sports like Triathlon have fitness programmes that build them up to peak fitness just before the event and then they may have a taper leading up to it so they are fit but well rested for competition day.

Of course sports like football, rugby etc similar to equestrian sports run across a season with one or two events per week. This means tapering isn’t an option-nor is it necessary. However their training may be scheduled and planned according to the competitions. 

For example a heavy training session wouldn’t happen the day before a game. You wouldn’t have a heavy x country schooling session the day before your ODE because your horse would be tired.

The same should apply to you.

Leading up to a weekend competition you may do a mid week heavier workout then the day before some mobilising, activation and general preparation. 

Then post event some stretching and relaxation before training harder a day or so later.

This enables your body to “peak” on the day so all your hard work pays off.

You’re aiming for your body to feel strong and limber on the day, then recover well ready to get back to training a day or so later.

If you plan your own training as well as you plan your horses training you will both be ready to perform at your best on competition day.

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