Changing Plans……….again!

Just as we thought we were getting some normality back we went into lockdown 2.0. 


It sucks I know but we Equestrian’s are a tough bunch so we’ll just adapt and soldier like last time.


What we aren’t going to do this time is descend into an extended holiday period of eating, drinking and general laziness are we? If you do that you’ll slide into Christmas feeling like an unhealthy slug straight into the regular festive indulgence and into 2021 probably very fat, unhealthy and miserable. 


I know everyone is trying to focus on ending 2020 and thinking that 2021 will be like turning over a new leaf but without sounding a bit doom and gloom 1st Jan isn’t going to vanish Covid so it’s really important to keep focused on the here and now. 


It is super important now more than ever to look after your health both physical and mental. 


Also I know lots of you achieved great things with your horses last lockdown as you stopped focusing on upcoming competitions etc and worked on the basics which then paid off big time when you did get back out. Remember that this time!


This weekend now you can’t really go anywhere, sit down and make a plan. 


Plan your nutrition . I’ve ordered a fruit box from a local company to stop me reaching for junk all the time. No I’m not cancelling chocolate I’m just not having as 80% of my diet!


Plan your exercise. If your gym, class etc is now closed plan your alternatives. Are they offering online options? Could your trainer write you a home programme? I know someone that has an online programme……


Write a plan for your horse.  What do you want to work on? Maybe you want to mix it up and try some groundwork or get the poles out and have some fun with that.


Get your diary out and write your weekly plan in for your training and your horses training to help to keep you on track. 


I’m planning to do a little more yoga -now in on Tuesday mornings in my schedule and with the recent purchase of a new carriage I’m going to make the most of this quieter time to get both Spotties back in the carriage working on Panda gaining confidence and Douglas perhaps paying more attention to the speed I want rather than the one he thinks is suitable!


What are your plans?


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