Change the Method Not Goal


With so many things we would never tackle them on our own, for example plumbing or electrics yet so many other things despite having zero expertise we do a bit of reading and swiftly declare ourselves an expert and capable of doing it ourselves with zero expert advice.

I’ve definitely seen this with people and exercise,  more frustrating those that struggle with injuries. I usually hear “I tried …….and it didn’t work/made it worse” They may then try the same thing again, maybe something else or eventually give up and declare the problem unsolvable. 

( I’m not even going to go into my frustration with those that do 1 maybe 2 sessions with an expert and because the results are not instantaneous or requires them to do homework that they don’t actually do they also declare that as not working……) 

The thing is the human body is a complex bit of kit. Whilst in theory we are built the same our bodies have not had the same experiences or history, they do not lead the same lives or move in the same patterns. They are also not powered by the same brain. 

This means making it move and perform better is not a one size fits all approach. If you’re struggling an expert can help you see why, they can tweak exercises to make them fit you better and tell you when you may not even be doing them correctly at all. 

They can give you the confidence to keep going when you panic that the injury has come back or your pain is still there. Having someone to say it’s ok I’ve seen this lots of times it’s completely normal, just keep trying; can be the difference between pushing through to the next level and giving up. 

An expert will have spent time and money learning about human movement, they will have seen lots of different people with lots of different problems all coming from a different head space and been able to use those hard learnt skills to help them. 

You don’t declare yourself a Plumbing expert after 1 YouTube video so if you’re struggling with your body treat it like your plumbing and get an expert in to help you. 

You have a trainer to help you and your horse work better together so why not have one to make you and your body work better together.

Totally unrelated I’ve got space for 121 in person training if you’re local to my studio - WN8, and I’ve got space for Zoom training if you’re not 😉.


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