Breath work to improve your Lateral work.

How are you doing? I know it’s dragging a bit now but keeping busy is definitely helping me as is spending time with my little spotted pony Douglas.

I’m trying to spend time on things that always need work but usually we are so focused on that next lesson, clinic or competition that we can skip the basics.

This week I want you to try some breathing exercises. You can do them on horse, on your gym ball or just on the sofa.

Breathing can have such a huge influence on both our bodies and our mindset yet it is so often over looked.

If we are stressed, our breathing has the power to calm our mind and release tension in our body.

If we have tension in our muscles, learning to breathe as we move those muscles can assist in releasing it.

The exercises in this video can help with asymmetry as well as assisting your horse falling in or out on circles or during lateral work.

So, why not give these a go and see if you spend some time ironing out those niggles with just a little breath work.

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