Body weight Movement Patterning

Last week we talked about getting our muscles firing from head to toe and using weight lifting to achieve that. However whilst I think that the majority of riders would benefit from getting stronger I don’t believe that lifting weights is the only way to improve movement patterning. If only strength were required most top level riders would look like strongmen surely?


 So let’s look at some exercises that don’t necessarily require weights-although they could all have weights added if you prefer that style of training.


The Turkish Get Up!


Basically from lying down with one hand in the air holding a weight you proceed to kneeling then standing and then do the movement in reverse. The added weight encourages you to stabilise your shoulder and of course the act of getting up to standing requires hip stability so that’s head to toe stability sorted.


You don’t need any particular weight just a bottle of water will do.



Bird Dogs-in a 4 point kneeling position with a strong core and flat back throughout take opposite arm and leg away.


Dead bug-like a lying version of Bird Dogs, keep your back flat and abs pulled in, take opposite arm and leg away.


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