Best way to improve your riding

I get asked a lot what the best exercise to improve riding is. This is quite a subjective question as it depends what it is you struggle with, as well as your current fitness level.

If you are incredibly fit but struggle with certain aspects of your riding then that area needs to be looked at individually, or you could be fairly unfit overall and that needs to be addressed to correct an overall picture.

That makes the most important thing to me Self Awareness.

In order to improve your riding you need to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses.

This can be done from just basic self- awareness as you ride, do a full body scan of how you are sat.

For a full alignment scan check out my video

However I know lots of you like me want to be working on your riding when you’re not on your horse.

If it’s at home and keeping it simple you like then I suggest a gym ball. The reason being you can just sit on it and test things out. Can you lift your feet, can you kneel up etc. Of course this trains your core stability but most importantly it will tell you where your weaknesses are. Do you keep falling off the same way etc.  That will tell you which side you are weak on (the side you fall off) and over time will help you to learn which muscles you need to switch on to keep you on the ball which of course will transfer to which muscles you need to switch on when riding.

I also very much like Yoga for riders. This is because it encourages body awareness. Not just for asymmetry but also for areas you may hold tension or be not quite as strong or dextrous.

Why not put these ideas down as 2019 projects.

I don’t have any space on my classes currently but if you would like to be put on the waiting list hit reply.

I do have space for 1 2 1 clients  in the new year so of you would like to improve your riding off horse with full focus on your goals let me know!

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