Balance & Stability

Last week I mentioned some areas to focus on for your own rider fitness.

As promised here is the first round of inspiration for you.

This weeks focus is balance and stability.

Stability requires a level of muscular strength. I’m not going to go into pure strength here I’m going to focus on the balance element.

A basic balance test is standing on one leg. 

Can you do this whilst keeping your pelvis level? Is it harder standing on your left or your right leg? 

Now try moving the same side arm or the opposite arm at the same time as lifting the leg. Can you still keep your pelvis level? 

You could then up the ante on this by trying it on a wobble board or wobble cushion. 

Or adding a band attached to a door around the standing leg or your waist so you have to resist the sideways movement.

Even trying to do this whilst turning your head or having a conversation can make it more difficult. Of course that’s the point as when you’re riding you want your balance to work whilst you’re also focusing on your horse, giving aids, possibly listening to your instructor. So you want your balance to work even when you aren’t focusing on your balance. 

Give these exercises a try and see how far you can get before you start to wobble.

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