Are You The Weakest Link?

I want you to think about you and your horse as an electrical circuit. The lights only come on if the circuit is complete. Or if there is a weak link in the circuit the light may come on but it may be flickering.

Your partnership only performs at its best if the circuit is complete. If there is a weak link somewhere in the circuit it is not as powerful-or it doesn’t perform at all.

This is why I focus on the rider element of this partnership. You could be sat on the perfect athlete of a horse but if you are not a capable athlete yourself the circuit will not be complete and you will not perform at your best as a partnership. There are some great trainers etc. that can work on your horse as the athlete and also help to train you to work together as a partnership, but for that to really happen you also need to work on you.

Essentially your horse is a complete circuit and he needs to be performing well from head to hoof for him to create a full circuit and switch the lights on.

You are also a circuit and in order to switch the lights on within you, you also need to be performing as best you can from head to toe.

This is where your fitness comes in. Now I’ve said before I don’t believe that all riders need to be pounding the treadmill and lifting heavy weights in order to be fit to ride. However I do think we need to have our best function possible throughout our body.

Run through a checklist.

How does your body feel generally day to day? Do you feel tired, stiff or weak?

Or do you feel energetic, mobile and strong?

Can you balance equally on your left leg compared to your right?

Can you move your arms around without hunching your shoulders?

I believe the most important things a rider can focus on are being both mobile and stable throughout their body.

If for example you have greatly efficient legs and a strong core but unstable shoulders that creates a weak link in your circuit.

If your horse is overall performing really well except that they are tight in the left shoulder this creates a weak link in the circuit.

Equally when you and your horse combine to create your partnership circuit only one of these weaknesses needs to be present to have a weak link in the circuit.

So, I just want you to think about you as a circuit, look for the weak links and learn how you can improve them.

If you need any help with this I offer Rider Biomechanics Assessments,  1 2 1 Training and Sports Massage at my Studio so hit reply if you would like to work with me.

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