Are you in Control?



Do you have total control when you ride? I don’t mean control of your horse, although it helps! But are you in control of you?


Can you make your body move how you want it to, absorb the movement of your horse and remain still and quiet on top. 


Can you give aids clearly and concisely in all paces? Or once it gets to sitting trot are you a wobbly mess on top? 


If your horse sneezes or trips a little are you thrown and have to go back to walk or halt to regroup or can you remain balanced, stay in control and pick up where you left off?


The ability to do the above is about having control of your body. 


This control shouldn’t come from tension or stiffness but suppleness and stability.


Having a strong body helps but that body also needs to have flexibility to move and the awareness to know it’s movements and their reactions. 


Whilst I am a massive advocate for strength training for riders I think it is important whilst doing that training to really focus on the muscles you are using and how they move. 


This is why I am also a fan of Pilates and Yoga as they also encourage strength, flexibility and control.


The more control you can build on the ground the more you can transfer that to your riding.


There’s only so many times your instructor can bellow “keep your hands still” or “keep your lower leg still” before you need to take outside action. 


Want some help with how to take that action? I’ve got limited spaces in classes and some slots for 121 training so hit me up and start taking control today.

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