Are you getting better?

This week I am away at Equipilates™️HQ completing the first couple of modules of the Advanced Equipilates Biomechanics Trainer qualification.


I love learning and I think it’s important that I continue to learn and grow as a trainer in order to continually improve the service I give to my clients.


Riding is a sport that no matter what level you are at you never really stop learning-even the pros have regular coaching.


So as a rider are you continually trying to learn and upskill? I’m sure each time you ride you are expecting your horse to improve but what about you?


I know riding regularly means hopefully you are getting stronger and therefore getting better, but do you take it any further?


Do you look at individual areas you can improve on yourself? Perhaps your right shoulder is stiffer, or your left leg is wobbly?


Do you try and address those issues outside of being on your horse?


I think it’s so important to be aware of your part in the relationship between you and your horse, if you expect your horse to improve you must make sure you are trying to improve in order to support his journey.


What sort of things can you do to improve?


Watching videos on YouTube, I also like DressageTraining TV or the Masterclasses with top riders on Horse and Country TV.


Have regular coaching with an instructor that focuses on you as well as your horse.


Train off horse with a coach specifically targeted to helping riders …….I’ve got space for 121 clients and a couple of spaces in Wednesday at 6pm.


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