Are You Checking Form?

One of the reasons many of us exercise off horse is because we want to work on our own asymmetries and weaknesses. That means it's really important to make sure everything you do is with good form, otherwise your just further instilling those bad habits and not improving your riding!

Do you regularly check your form and straightness when you exercise off horse?

How do you ensure that you're actually working on your own asymmetries and weakness?

Here's a simple but very effective exercise that has some easy markers to help ensure you're in good form.

The Goblet Squat.

You can do this with or without a weight.

Feet hip width apart, hands clasped in front of you -or holding a weight with your elbows pointing down-kinda like a prayer position. Keeping your chest open (don't round your shoulders) squat down to touch your elbows to your knees.

Do both elbows touch your knees at the same time? That's your first clue if it was level!

Once you've got that, check in to whether your feet feel equally weighted left-right-front and back. Do you stay level all the way up and down? Is your chest still lifted at the bottom of the squat?

Squats are a great exercise for strengthening the big muscles of the glutes and legs, which creates stability in the pelvis and spine, the action of keeping your chest open works your abdominals and back muscles then when you add in the focus on form you're training your body awareness, symmetry and feel-maximum bang for your buck!

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