Are you better than you think you are?

So much of what we do with our horses relates to how we feel about ourselves. 

If we don’t believe we are capable of achieving more or of learning new skills we may never push ourselves to try. 

A feeling I often see in my clients is “people like me don’t do that….” People like who? Those at the pinnacle of the sport are still only human they’ve just put more hours into their craft than us. 

So many of us don’t feel good enough.

That’s what I like to unravel in the gym. 

Those people who can’t learn new skills suddenly taking on new exercises in the gym as we’ve broken them down into manageable steps and all of a sudden it falls into place. 

People who swear they aren’t coordinated are suddenly doing tricky left hand right leg things. Ladies who didn’t lift weights are lifting significant weights because we started small. 

This new found confidence starts to transfer to other areas. Using the same approach of breaking things down into smaller steps new skills become achievable. 

If you feel like rider fitness isn’t for you yet you feel like your riding isn’t improving maybe it’s just a matter of starting smaller and breaking down the steps. 

Working with an expert can help so if you want to get working on your self improvement today let me know! 

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