Oats for you and Your Horse?

As horse owners we will spend hours researching the best diet for our horses, yet most of us don’t put much thought into our own diets. However, as with our horses a healthy diet will give us enough energy to ride, much out etc. as well as keep us healthy. We need to stay healthy so we are able to look after our horses …………….and go to work to pay for them!
In the real world though we have so much to fit in the day that making time for a healthy breakfast is not a priority. So I’ve got some seriously convenient options to help you make time to muck out early doors and have a breakfast on the go.

Overnight Oats.
There are quite a few recipes for these out there so if you like the idea just not this combination google some other options. You just add oats, a scoop of protein powder (I like chocolate) to frozen cherries, chia seeds and a cup of coffee – you can just milk instead of coffee if you want to. Mix together in a bowl, then portion out in to Tupperware in the fridge to take with you in the morning. You then head to the yard and eat this whilst your horse is breakfasting too!

Omelette Muffins
I make these in advance in a muffin tray and keep sealed in the fridge so they are ready to grab on the go, although you could reheat them if you wished. Using eggs and bacon or ham (quantities will vary depending on how many you make, however for a 12 case muffin tray I use around 10 eggs and 200g of ham or bacon) Whisk eggs, add chopped ham and some mixed herbs, pour into muffin tray and bake in oven on 180° for around 15-20mins, until the top starts to turn golden brown. You could use all kinds of ingredients in these like adding, mushrooms, a little cheese, some veg (peppers, onion. Maybe) or salmon and broccoli whatever you like!

Protein Shake.
Again so many recipes for this feel free to experiment. I use a Breville Active Blend as you make it in the bottle, blend it and go. It was about £20 and doesn’t take up much room on the worktop!
300ml milk – I use goat’s milk or coconut milk but regular cow is fine.
1 scoop protein powder – I use chocolate, vanilla or mocha.
1 banana
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 tablespoon of oats.
Blend and go!

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