I bet your horse eats better than you ……..

Most riders will give lots of thought into their horses diet, researching different products perhaps even seeking advice from a nutritionist. 

Yet when I speak to the riders about their own diet, they are usually running on caffeine and chocolate! 

This leaves them:

  • Lacking Energy 
  • Constantly tired
  • Feeling weak
  • Aching muscles 
  • Not getting enough nutrition to enable their bodies repair and recover
  • Struggling to focus

Riding and looking after horses is physical work.

if you have a desk job, one horse on full livery so it’s just the riding element you’re doing, that takes less fuel than someone who mucks out a couple of stables, carries buckets and feed etc. Then there’s the professional who possibly rides for several hours a day and still will do some yard work. 

Whichever situation is yours it’s still up to you to fuel yourself properly to keep up your end of the partnership with your horse. If you lack the energy to use your body effectively and to think clearly your horse isn’t going to be able to perform at his best.

I get that we can be super busy people and it’s just easy to grab bars of chocolate or packets of crisp, drink another coffee for some energy but it’s not helping your performance and it’s definitely not helping your health. 

So instead of viewing eating well as an all encompassing thing taking hours of your time preparing absolutely everything from scratch; make it easy for yourself. Do a little cheating and just aim to make better choices rather than perfect choices.

Think about including a protein source in every meal-lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, legumes or beans.

Then add either fruit (most commonly at breakfast) or vegetables at every meal and that’s a really solid foundation. 

Then you can add your starchy carbs -oats, rice, pasta, potatoes, bread as necessary. 

Yes you can still have a little treat just not at all meals all day. 

I promise you will feel and perform heaps better with proper fuel.

Here’s some of the stuff I do to make healthy eating a little easier.


  • I buy pre prepared soup for lunch so I just have to heat it up.
  • I have a fortnightly fruit box delivery on subscription so I always have healthy snacks. 
  • I pour oats and milk into a microwaveable tub and take breakfast with me to eat mid morning as I don’t tend to fancy it or have time first thing. You could do this with granola and yoghurt or make a smoothie or protein shake……..buy it pre made if you want to!
  • Pre prepare- make breakfast and lunch the night before. You could batch cook mid week meals and make all your lunches etc in one go. Tupperware is your friend! 
  • Scrambled eggs on toast is an excellent fast meal. Packet rice, cooked chicken, whatever it takes to save time and still eat healthy meals.
  • Drink more water.
  • Swap some of your caffeine for herbal tea. There are zillions of flavours so just experiment to find some you like.
  • Plan when you’re going to eat if you have packed days. I have to do this to fit it in around clients, making sure I know I may have to eat lunch earlier or later, or if I’m recording online workouts to do them earlier so I can eat breakfast afterwards otherwise I’d be too full! 


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