10 Years of Small Steps

This week marks 10 years since I started my business. I got my first client and was still working my full time legal job. In fact I still have that very first client and yes I have sent her a gift!

This week also marks a new chapter as I bought a new Pony! It’s been 9 years since I had my own pony to ride (bar the bits I was backing and then swiftly retiring my mares). So be prepared for all the Gwydion spam on my social media-he is gorgeous and needs to be appreciated!

However how gorgeous my new pony is will not be the subject of this blog. But he is gorgeous!

It’s about starting new journeys and taking the first steps.

At  the start of my business I took small steps. I started with one client and consistently made steps to grow, and at times they have felt like incredibly slow steps and often even backwards steps.However 10 years later I’ve built a little studio, almost finished the gym, built a 121 and class client base of amazing people many of whom are now genuine friends. All of that has just weathered an absolutely monumental year and is coming out the other side still intact. For that I feel incredibly lucky. 

 I imagine the same will happen with Gwydion. He’s not used to being in a school or doing things without fellow Fell ponies about so it’s all a bit new to him right now. We’ll just take small steps so we don’t over face either of us and who knows where we could be in 10 years? I’m aiming for happy as a partnership above all else.

If you’re embarking on a fitness journey or a journey to improve yourself to improve your riding it can feel monumental taking those first steps. It can be tempting to try and take all the steps at once and then feel disheartened when it doesn’t go to plan. 

Starting from zero on the exercise scale to 5-6 days a week of HIIT will quickly leave you burnt out and sore. So start slow and give your body time to adapt at each stage.

Accept that there will be set backs. You may get injured, that doesn’t mean you’ll never exercise again it just means you may need to take a step back and address your weaknesses. 

You might get ill and find that few weeks out feels like starting all over again. Just take a step back in and build it up, you’ll get there quicker than you think if you don’t rush.

If you can just keep taking small steps, accepting that sometimes you hit rocky patches but you keep travelling; you will look back on yourself in 1,2,5 and even 10 years and realise how far you’ve come just taking all of those small steps.

If you want someone to take those steps with you, keep you on course when it feels like you’ve veered off and generally just have someone hold your hand I’ve got space for 121 clients online and in person, and live classes will be back 29th March under the barn for now and there’s a couple of spaces free. Let me know if you want to be part of my next steps so I can help you with yours.


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