Equestrian Fitness 5 Day Yoga Challenge

Get stretchy, supple and strong with Yoga routines designed specifically for Equestrians.


  • It Feel like your brain & body aren’t connected?
  • Your Trainer gives you an instruction and you try your best but you just can’t make your body do that
  • Your Horse doesn’t seem to be listening to your aids, is falling in or out on circles, won’t ride a straight centre or is inconsistent in the contact
  • Your body have aches and pains after riding
  • Your body have aches and pains that prevent you from riding at all!

Then sign up to The Equestrian Fitness 5 Day Yoga Challenge.

Just 10 mins of Yoga per day for 5 days and see how different you feel after only such a short time.

Benefits of Yoga for Equestrians.

  • Release areas of tightness and tension
  • Highlight and correct asymmetry
  • Improve Core Strength and Stability
  • Improve neural connection of brain to muscles –that’s move better to you and me!


What will you be doing?

Day 1 We will just be preparing your body, checking in with how it feels, mobilising joints and muscles ready to progress through the following 4 days.

Day 2 We will begin to work the body as a unit. Taking you through some full body movement aiming to make connections from the brain to all over your body priming it to give clear aids to your horse.

Day 3. We will work through some core strength and balance to help you integrate maintaining stable in your seat whilst giving aids, riding turns or when you need “Emergency Balance!”

Day 4. We do some strength and stability work for your shoulders and hips. Being strong in these areas are vital to a secure seat and soft, yet consistent rein contact.

Day 5. After all your hard work the past few days, today we will spend some time stretching out gently, easing out any tense muscles and just checking in again with your body and see how it feels.


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